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Management solution for absences & professional activities

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Management of absences & leaves

Monitor in real time your holidays and those of your employees, completely dematerialize the management of absence requests in your company / administration and ensure accurate monitoring of the meters and rules of each absence in accordance with the rules in force. Then send to your payroll HRIS: connectivity & reliability guaranteed.

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Time Management & Activities

Optimize online attendance time and the type of activity reported live by your teams. This will allow you to efficiently allocate workloads and budgets, while ensuring your operating profitability and compliance with your HR policy.

Define your time and activities in3D :

  • - The organization (Who ?) : the registrant and its affiliates (company, management, projects, clients...)
  • - Time (When ?) : duration (hours, days...)
  • - Location (Where ?) : location or geolocation


Planning & Delivery

A schedule giving you an overview of the planned and implemented activities of your teams.

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Les plus que nos clients valident :

  • Le scan intelligent (technologie OCR : reconnaissance des caractères)
  • La récupération des tickets restaurants
  • Le reporting 360°
  • La récupération de 99.99% de votre TVA
  • L’archivage à valeur probante

What our customers validate as ...


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Entry, modification and validation on mobile applications (Apple & Android)

Automation of tasks thanks to the configuration allowing to pre-enter certain information.

Quick access to the various indicators (leave balances, overtime...).

Notification via emails and mobile pushes.

HR Manager

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Control Assistance
Automated controls related to the contract (Example: Seizure authorized or not during days off)..

Flexible analytical structuring that easily and simply meets reporting needs.

Location of the activity
Definition of the location of the activity reported by employees.

Easy to interface with all HRIS on the market.


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Planning & Delivery
Management of planned and implemented activities following differentiated validation processes.

Flexible solution that easily adapts to organizational structure.

Security & Auditability
Flexible management of user rights, traceability and historization of all operations performed.

Multinational radiation solution covering all types of possible contracts.

Management of the rebilling of the activity thanks to the valuation of the time worked.
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